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Time for a change!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Butler County PA Flea Market, Aug 28, 2017.

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    Jan 5, 2015
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    Butler County Pennsylvania

    We saw this and had to post it ASAP! This is a very serious matter and we hope you will stand with us on this issue. We're now offended by this and will take a stand of action. We hope you will stand with us! Please share this with your friends!

    "A human relations commission (HRC) proposed last month at city council contains 7 pages of insanity. If passed it would allow a simple majority of council to appoint non-elected officials with no public accountability. If a majority of the council have lost their everlasting minds, then those appointed to the commission could be like them. The HRC says in the second line (alone) that anything “perceived” will violate this law. Anyone who opposes this law has been called for over a year “hatred,” “bigot,” “mean-spirited” and everything else under the sun. I was told to take my friends and leave town. In other words, if you don’t agree with this law, then something must be wrong with you.

    This HRC is dangerous to every woman and child in our city. It is the same for everyone who visits here. Councilwoman Kline and Councilmen Roche and Walter support this madness. Ms. Jamie Lee posted last month that this law is a “peer mediation” as if we were back in school working out “a disagreement.” Her words are not only shocking but condescending. Mr. Ben Smith continues to remain silent on this issue all summer. When confronted by a group of those against the law last month, he could not give a direct response to his position. His silence is deafening.

    If this madness passes, every school and business must comply. Of course, if you don’t support it you will likely be targeted by it. This proposed law was later tabled by these three leaders until after the election in Nov. It will allow a boy to use, change his clothes or shower in a girl’s bathroom at the Jr. High or a 50-year-old male to shower with a 13-year girl at the YMCA. They say it has nothing to do with bathrooms. Yet, the person and organization who supports this law already forced AK Steel to renovate bathrooms because 1 person was unwilling to accept a private stall. This same person also supports changing cap and gowns at the High School to one color. Almost 2,000 students and parents have signed the petition of keeping the cap and gowns to two colors. How many more tens of thousands of people would stand against city hall to say take your hands off our bathrooms.

    Let me be clear. No male with be in the bathroom with my wife and daughters. Any law that places a child in a position to be potentially assaulted is evil. Who will be held responsible for the first assault on a child because of this law? This one issue surpasses all the other challenges facing our city. I will defend the safety and privacy of every woman and child. Every child, student, and woman is worth protecting. As for my family, we have no other option left but to vote for Jeff Smith and Ken Bonus for City Council this Nov and write in the name Tom Donaldson for Mayor. This city is about to reap what it sows."

    By Jeff Harris
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2017